Taking Orders for Holiday Geese!

Our geese are grass fed and have free access to pasture and water for eating and splashing.  We raise our own birds and have their parents onsite. Feel free to schedule a visit to see your birds and how we raise them! They are primarily grass fed in the spring and summer, then get extra grain treats for a nice finish in November, and winter stock are fed forage crops and quality feed hay to supplement their grain rations and brooding needs until the grass grows again in the spring.  Their quality of life makes for happy healthy birds and delicious high quality meat!

How to buy a goose: Contact us via phone or email to place an order for your goose, or come see us at the Somerset Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market first and third Sunday! We raise small batches, so it’s good to get on the list early to reserve yours. We ask for a $20 deposit to hold your animal.  Our geese will be ready for the butcher and are available after December 15th for pick up at the farm, or you can pick up at the last Madison Winter Farmer’s market at the Somerset Abbey on Dec. 18th, just in time for the holidays! Our geese are priced at $7 p/lb, and weigh out between 8 and 10 lbs.  One goose feeds six to eight people, depending on the size.  Geese are all red meat, with a beef like texture, and plenty of extra fat to render into lard or to use for other fine cooking.  Contact us for more information to to reserve your holiday supper!

  Email hideandgopeep@gmail.com or call (207) 716-6441 fmi.

Roasting a holiday goose for the first time can be scary, and goose does need to be cooked differently than turkey or chicken.  I personally like a slow and long roast at lower temperatures, leaving the breasts medium rare as to not overcook the legs and thighs, and using sage and apple as flavoring.  Here are other ideas and recipes:







I have a cookbook called “The Gourmet Cookbook” that has some good recipes too.  Here are the scanned pages–the even ones scanned upside down and need to be rotated to view them:






More info about raising geese: